Ready Scent Go Lavender Fields 1oz

Scent Concentrate

  • We use only naturally-derived fragrances for a healthy scent blend that is safe for the whole family
  • Choose between refreshing Citrus Burst or soothing Lavender Fields
  • Mix and match to create your custom blend!


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Just a few drops to transform your space and uplift your mood! Mix and match our Citrus Burst and Lavender Fields scents to customize your space.* This tiny bottle packs a punch of scent. Our masterfully-crafted fragrances are completely free of toxins or harsh chemicals, and add a light, refreshing touch to your cleaning products. We use these in our own homes and are proud to share them with you!

How to Use

Directions: A little goes a long way! Add a few drops of scent as needed to enhance your dilutions of Cleanz Everything or Sudz Laundry Liquid Concentrate. Or mix one bottle of scent with one bottle of concentrate, and use normally.
*For use only with Chaé Organics Cleanz Everything and/or Sudz Laundry Liquid.

Toxic Free Ingredients

Polyglyceryl-2 Caprate (Plant Polysaccharide)**,  Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil*.                       *Organic **Ecocert and/or Internationally Approved

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