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Men’s 3 in 1 is a shampoo, body, and face wash. How easy is that?

Move and Be Moved Hair Gel makes every day a great hair day. It can also be used as a luxurious shaving gel for a smooth, close, moisturizing shave.

Oxy ToothPolish
The secret to a healthy mouth is having healthy gums. Oxy ToothPolish is proven to soothe gum tissue, provide moisture, and fight bad breath. Our low abrasion formula will keep your teeth bright, while sodium chlorite fights bacteria, fungus, and virus microbes.

Vanilla Cream Body Lotion creamy vanilla and tangy citrus blend to a sweet orangesicle aroma that will take you back to summer vacation. Pure moisture head to toe. It takes just a little of this body lotion to reduce dryness and skin stress from daily activities and environmental factors.

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