Is your Toothpaste Interfering with your Health?

tooth medical anatomy and how your toothpaste effects it

Toothpastes that are too abrasive can strip away enamel, the protective coating on teeth. Enamel is the toughest substance in your body, even harder than bones. Without proper care and using highly abrasive toothpastes, the enamel begins to wear away and once it is gone, it’s gone – enamel does not grow back! When it’s…

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FDA says it causes cancer. Yet it’s in hundreds of candies.

Red Dye 3

Scientists urge FDA to ban Red 3—already illegal in cosmetics—from foods, ingested drugs, and supplements It’s illegal to use the carcinogenic color additive Red 3 in cosmetics, such as lipsticks or blush, or externally applied drugs. Yet the discredited chemical is lurking in common varieties of candy corn, Nerds, Peeps, Pez, SweeTarts, and hundreds of candies, cakes, and other foods,…

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